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(Must be 18 months and walking by September 1st of current school year and steadily walking)

1:6 ratio

Maximum Group Size 12

Your Child Is Ready To Explore Their Independence

Toddlers are at the age that they want to do everything “all by themselves,” and why shouldn't they be able to try? To satisfy this desire for independence your child’s teacher encourages them hang up their jackets, tidy toys, push in chairs, and pick their favorite activities. Choices and daily tasks teach independence and responsibility.

Toddler in pink stepping on stepping stones
Toddler teacher reading to children

Strict Cleaning Measures Keep Everyone Healthy

  • Toys and supplies used during the morning are are cleaned and disinfected at naptime and toys and supplies used in the afternoon are cleaned disinfected at the end of the day.

  • Children's hands are washed with soap and water before eating, after diaper changes or after using the bathroom, and after playing outside.

  • Napping cots are assigned to each child and never shared. 

  • Caregivers are required to wear a new pair of gloves before each diaper change and while helping children in the bathroom.

  • The changing table is sanitized after each use.

Consistent & Frequent Potty Breaks For Young Toilet Trainers

Once your child begins to show self awareness and an interest in potty training, our teachers are ready to help them succeed. Potty watches remind children that it is time to stop and take a potty break. Teachers guide them through dressing and undressing, toileting, and proper handwashing. Every child will toilet train when they are ready and until they reach this really big milestone, our teachers are there to offer them tons of support. 

Toddler with green watch drawing on chalk board
Child with pink and white blanket sleeping during naptime

Time For Rest Helps Your Toddler To Regulate Their Emotions

During naptime, toddlers lay on individual cots. Your child may bring a small blanket to cuddle up in. White sound and soft music help ease children into a restful sleep. Teachers stay with napping children to provide supervision and comfort. 

Reaching Developmental Milestones

Our teachers are focused on helping each child reach developmental milestones at their own pace. Cognitive learning, social-emotional, language and gross and fine motor skills are enhanced through music and movement, art, dramatic play, STEM activities, manipulatives, puzzles, and books. Our teachers pay special attention when talking to and listening to young children to enhance vocabulary and to develop self-esteem. The room is filled with age appropriate activities to engage your child's curiosity and develop their motor skills. 


Toddler with brown hair and blue shirt dot paintin rainbow

Kids Love Us, Parents Trust Us!

Totschool Concepts

Blond toddler by sorting green shamrocks by size

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Letter recognition

  • Story retelling 

  • Recognition of first name

  • Journal drawing

  • Number recognition

  • Sorting and matching

  • Real world exploration through dramatic play themes and props

  • Arts and crafts

  • Listening and following directions

  • Sharing

A Sample Day in Totschool


7:00-7:50          Arrival 

7:50-8:30          Breakfast

8:30-9:00          Free Choice

9:00-9:10          Circle Time

9:10-9:40          Learning Centers

9:40-10:00        Story Time

10:00-10:30      Outdoor Play

10:30-11:30      Learning Centers 

11:30-12:00      Lunch

12:00-12:30      Outdoor Play

12:30-2:00        Nap / Quiet Time 

2:00-2:30          Story Time / Snack

2:30-3:00          Circle Time 

3:00-3:30          Learning Centers

3:30-4:00          Outdoor Play

4:00-4:30          Learning Centers 

4:30-5:30          Free Choice

Toddler in orange hat pretending to camp
Toddlers eating snack

Balanced Meals and Snacks Keep Your Child Fueled

Breakfast, lunch and snack are provide daily and will be prepared in safe bite size pieces. Utensils are offered and teachers will encourage toddlers to use them to help develop fine motor skills.

Stay Informed With Our Parent Communication App

Daily communication is provided about your child's potty training success, diaper changes, how they ate, how they napped, and activities that they enjoyed. Easily message your child's teacher if you have questions or reminders. Management can also be directly messaged.

Toddler boy playing at blue and green water table
Toddler girl with pig tails in yellow and red cozy coupe

Continuity of Care Builds Strong Relationships and Reduces Stress For Young Children

Your child will remain with the same teachers and classmates all year. Totschoolers will transition to our Preschool Program in August after their 3rd birthday. A transition plan will be implemented over a two week period. This will allows your child to slowly become familiar with new teachers and children, ensuring that they are ready and excited to move up.

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