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(3 turning 4 during current school year September 1st - August 31st)

1:8 ratio

Maximum Group Size 16

Preschool Is An Exciting Time For Young Learners


At Creative Imaginations, preschoolers are encouraged to explore and investigate. Our teachers provide structured activities to help children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in the areas of early literacy, mathematics, science, and emotional maturity. Our days are filled with hands-on experiences to help children become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Preschool boy in gray shirt going down blue slide
Preschool teacher reading to children

We Continual Work To Keep Our Rooms Clean And Sanitary​

  • Toys and supplies used during the morning are are cleaned and disinfected at naptime and toys and supplies used in the afternoon are cleaned disinfected at the end of the day.

  • Children's hands are washed with soap and water before eating, after diaper changes or after using the bathroom, and after playing outside.

  • Napping cots are assigned to each child and never shared.

Support For Children Who Haven't Quite Met Their Potty Training Milestone


We know that every child develops at their own pace and some children may take a little longer to be comfortable using the toilet. Potty watches remind children that it's time for a potty break. If your child is potty training at this age, you will need to provide pull ups rather than diapers and clothing that are easy to pull up and down so your child can be as independent as possible. Our teachers will assist them when they need to be changed.

Preschool boy in gray shirt playing withe number activity
Little boy sleeping at naptime

Rest Time Keeps Preschoolers Refreshed And Engaged In Learning

Our mornings are very busy so preschoolers usually do need rest time to help them get through their day. Cots are provided and children may bring a small blanket to use during rest time. Brown noise and soft music are played during rest time to help children relax and, if needed, to fall to sleep.

Children Learn Best Through Play

Preschoolers love to pretend and imitate the world around them. The curriculum we use encompasses play based activities, themed centers and supports that nurture and challenge little learners. Our classroom is full of toys, props and activities to encourage their imaginations to blossom.


Preschoolers in red and white baker dress up

Kids Love Us, Parents Trust Us!

Preschool Concepts

Preschooler drawing in blue sand

  • Visual discrimination

  • Letter recognition and their sounds

  • Story comprehension 

  • Write first name with appropriate use of capital and lowercase letters

  • Journal writing

  • Number recognition

  • Basic math skills including counting, patterning, and ordering

  • Scientific exploration

  • Real world exploration through dramatic play themes and props

  • Arts and crafts

A Sample Day in Preschool

7:00-7:50          Arrival 
7:50-8:30          Breakfast
8:30-9:00          Free Choice
9:00-9:10          Circle Time
9:10-9:40          Learning Centers
9:40-10:00        Story Time / Snack 
10:00-10:30      Outdoor Play
10:30-11:30      Learning Centers 
11:30-12:00      Lunch
12:00-12:30      Outdoor Play
12:30-2:00        Nap / Quiet Time 
2:00-2:30          Story Time / Snack
2:30-3:00          Circle Time 
3:00-3:30          Learning Centers
3:30-4:00          Outdoor Play
4:00-4:30          Learning Centers 
4:30-5:30          Free Choice

Preschooler painting with red paint on white paper plate
Preschoolers smiling during snack time

Meals & Snacks Keep Busy Preschoolers Energized

All meals and snacks are provided. A balance of protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and 1% milk are served daily. We also keep filtered water in all of the classrooms so children can get drinks whenever they desire. 


Our Parent Communication App Keeps You In The Know

Daily communication is provided about your child's potty training success, diaper changes, how they ate, how they napped, and activities that they enjoyed. Easily message your child's teacher if you have questions or reminders. Management can also be directly messaged.


Preschooler building tower with colorful linking blocks
Preschool children painting with water on a fence

Friendships Are Developing

Children are kept together in the same class with the same teachers for the entire year. This allows blossoming friendships to continue to develop without interuption. Preschoolers will transition to our Prekindergarten program in August after their 4th birthday. 


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