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Enrichment Programs

Taught by Licensed Instructors at Our Center

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Whether it's with pots and pans or an air guitar, what child doesn't love to make music and sing? We offer the perfect class at our center for your little musician, taught by music instructors who are licensed and undergo the same background checks that our staff completes. Find out more information about this program at Musical Kids.

Classes for 2-3 year olds include movement activities, finger plays, and lullabies. These classes use instruments such as sticks, bells, drums and shakers.

Classes for 4-5 year olds teach rhythm notation with flashcards, ear training, listening skills, instrument families and listening to different composers. In addition to instruments listed above, these children play maracas, tambourines, sand blocks, xylophones and drums and take turns conducting.

Class Schedule: September through May. Thursdays 10:45-11:15 
***Additional Fee Applies

Amazing Athletes.PNG

Is your child a sports enthusiast? We have a class for that too! Amazing Athletes visits our center once each week with licensed instructors who teach non-competitive, curriculum based fitness classes for children 2 through 5 years. Classes include structured physical education, introduction to sports, nutrition, muscle identification and gross motor development. Find out more information about this program at Amazing Athletes

Class schedule: Year Round. Wednesdays 10:45-11:20

***Additional Fee Applies


Smiling Toddler Girl

18 months - 2 years


Smiling preschool boy

3 years

Smiling Prek Girl

4 - 5 years

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