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Little Learners

(18 months by September 1st)


1:6 ratio

Maximum group size 6

As active toddlers grow, we believe that they learn best through hands-on experiences and natural curiosity. In our Little Learners room, children are free to explore their environment. The room is filled with age appropriate toys to engage their curiosity and develop their fine and large motor skills. Our teachers thoughtfully incorporate daily activities that include singing songs, reading stories, arts and crafts as well as lots of time to play, to learn to share and to problem solve. Our daily schedule is predictable, yet responsive in meeting the needs of children with both structure and flexibility. You will receive daily communication about what your child ate, how they napped, diaper changes and activities that they enjoyed.

LIttle Learner concepts:

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Introdcution to Letters & Numbers 

  • Story telling 

  • Nursery rhymes

  • Recognition of first name

  • Journal drawing

  • Real world exploration through dramatic play themes and props

  • Arts and crafts

  • Listening and following simple directions

  • Sharing

We continual work to keep our rooms clean and sanitary.

  • Cots are assigned to each child and never shared. 

  • Toys and supplies used during the morning are are cleaned and disinfected at naptime and toys and supplies used in the afternoon are cleaned disinfected at the end of the day.

  • Caregivers are required to wear a new pair of gloves before each diaper change and to sanitize the changing table after each use.

  • Children's hands are washed with soap and water before eating, after diaper changes, and after playing outside.

During naptime, toddlers lay on cots that are raised about three inches off the ground. Your child may bring a small blanket to cuddle up in during naptime. White noise and soft music are played during naptime to drown out noises and to help children get the rest they need. Teachers stay with napping children and rub their backs to help them fall asleep.

All meals and snacks are provided and will be prepared in safe bite size pieces. Utensils will be offered to help your toddler practice fine motor skills.

Little Learners will transition to our Totschool program in August after their 2nd birthday. A transition plan will be implemented over a two week period. This will allow your child to slowly become familiar with new teachers and children, ensuring that they are ready and excited to move up. 


A Sample Day in Little Learners

7:00-7:45          Arrival 

7:45-8:30          Breakfast

8:30-9:00          Free Play

9:00-9:15          Circle Time

9:15-9:45          Learning Centers

9:45-10:10        Morning Snack

10:10-11:00      Free Play 

11:00-11:20      Outdoor Play 

11:20-12:00      Lunch 

12:00-12:30      Free Play

12:30-3:00        Nap / Quiet Time 

3:00-3:30          Snack 

3:30-4:00          Free Play 

4:00-4:15          Circle Time 

4:15-4:30          Learning Centers

4:30-5:00          Outdoor Play 

5:00-5:30          Free Play 

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